Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

After seeing Santa at Disneyland recently, Hayley has decided that she once again believes in Santa Claus. The irony is that she was able to go on line (unassisted) and find a website that facilitates writing an email to Santa, and sent one requesting a Mac book Pro. She got an email in return which was proof to her that he does exist. I asked her what about all the years she didn't get any presents from him. She said it was because she didn't believe.

Mom: I think I will send an email - like you did - and ask Santa for a lap top.
Hayley: You don't need a lap top, mom.
Mom: How does Santa know if you NEED vs. WANT?
Hayley: (changing the subject) You're too old. You're almost as old as Mrs. Claus.
Mom: Oh really, is there a cut off age for presents?
Hayley: Yes - 50, and you're way past that.

Love, Susan (Mom)

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