Meet the Greer Girls

Virginia, a little five year old girl, upon receiving the news that her mom had just delivered a little sister - jumped up and down on the couch and shouted for joy, "I knew God answered prayers." Virginia is the first daughter in a family of five children with Hayley being the youngest. Oh how she longed for a little sister. Perhaps because of this, Virginia has been the single greatest help in raising Hayley. Virginia currently lives in Oceanside, California and has been happily married to her sweetheart whom she met in California some years ago. The marriage came with a stipulation though. If I marry you, you have to come to Utah so I can help my sister through her teenage years. This turned into several more years until mom finished her education at Brigham Young University. During her stay in Utah, she worked and went to school to become a Master Esthetician. She eventually moved back to California and now works at Ocean Day Spa. Even from a distance she provides emotional support on a regular basis for Hayley. Hayley regularly communicates with her sister via Skype and cell phone. 

Here is Hayley at her post high graduation in 2010. She met her boyfriend while working in the kitchen at the BYU Wilkinson Center. She enjoys watching videos such as "Smallville" and "Sabrina", talking to others, using her kindle fire, searching the internet, listening to music, and going out to eat. She loves to collect and try out new cooking gadgets. She looks forward to going on dates and her daily phone calls to her boyfriend. She loves talking to people in sign language and wants to become an interpreter someday. She just started a new part time janitorial job which is helping her learn cleaning skills. She really likes her co-workers and new boss, Andy.

I have many titles... Susan, Mom, chief cook and bottle washer, "wanna be" gardener, Grandma Suzi, Support Coordinator for people with disabilities and the list goes on. I obtained my Bachelors Degree from Brigham Young University, majoring in Psychology. For many years I provided direct in-home care for over fifty foster teens. I am also a QIDP - Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional. I will happily admit that the bulk of my learning was obtained within the four walls of my own home through practical experience. I have a strong desire to use the knowledge I have gleaned from that experience and study to help others improve their quality of life. 

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